I did a Q&A earlier this week with Victoria Blake, who is the author of the Sam Falconer series. Her new book Titian’s Boatman will be published early in 2017.

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victoria blake

vena_largerI’m delighted to welcome the crime writer Vena Cork to the blog. She is the author of the Rosa Thorn trilogy (Thorn, The Art of Dying and Green Eye). Her most recent books are The Lost Ones set in Notting Hill and Toxicset in Willesden. This Q&A is about Toxic set in Yew Court, a block of flats in North West London where dark forces are unleashed.

Q. I loved the Prologue and it reminded me immediately of Alan Garner’s books. I wondered if you’d read them and been influenced by them at all? That feeling of there being something ancient in the land just waiting to burst out!

A. I read The Weirdstone of Brisingamen many years ago, but I can’t remember  anything about it except being totally gripped. So if there’s an influence it isn’t a conscious one.  I love Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, though, which…

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An author’s journey

To celebrate the CWA Daggers Awards 2016, ENDEAVOUR PRESS is running a virtual crime fiction festival. From October 10 – 14 2016, there will be author interviews, live Q&As, and writing tips, and they will be running competitions and giving free eBooks to everyone who participates.

I was also asked to contribute, and my blog article was published on the festival website a couple of days ago. You can read it here.