toxicWhen you come home to one life but find yourself in another…

When Persey Delaney returns to Britain after working abroad, everything has changed.

Her mother is newly-divorced and her younger sister Meg is still struggling to recover her confidence after a horrific accident.

Together, they have moved from their long-envied, prime address in Mayfair to a seedy block of flats in Willesden.

Soon Persey lives there, too.

And within weeks of Persey’s return home, strange goings-on begin to upset her already unsettling new life.

It seems that Yew Court has become a malevolent witness to secret lives.

The horror begins as the residents are subjected to a series of dreadful events, each getting more and more frightening as the days progress.

The local paper dubs Yew Court the unluckiest block of flats in London, but Persey fears that luck has nothing to do with it.

Dark forces are at work and there’s a race against time to prevent a catastrophe…

Toxic tells of how so many lives are woven by Fate into a tapestry of terror in this gripping thriller.

Toxic is available for purchase in print and e-book via Amazon.

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