thorn-2‘An outstanding debut’ – Time Out

The Thorn family seem to have it all.

Robin Thorn is a successful artist about to hit the big time; his pale beautiful wife Rosa is an actress, and they are devoted to their two teenage children: Anna and Danny.

But when tragedy strikes on a London road, the whole family is blown apart.

As the Thorns try to put back the pieces of their broken existence, strange things start to happen.

Sinister things.

Dead, mutilated animals on their doorstep. A man who watches and waits for beautiful Anna.

Who is stalking Anna?

After what happened, will they be able to set foot in the park across the road again?

And then the killings start.

The Thorn family must find out who is taunting them before it is too late and their lives are shattered forever…

Thorn is a twisting, atmospheric thriller whose insidious plot keeps you guessing right to the end.

Praise for Vena Cork:

‘One of those rare and energetic books you can’t put down yet don’t want to end’ – The Times

‘A compelling, dark-hued psychological thriller that eerily captures some of London’s more sinister undercurrents and sense of menace’ – Guardian

‘In her atmospheric novel Thorn, Vena Cork skilfully builds a sinister feeling of menace surrounding her attractive heroine’ – Sunday Telegraph

‘There’s more to this psychological thriller than meets the eye. Look no further for a real sense of menace’ – Daily Mirror

‘You’ll be gripped as this persuasive thriller races to its grisly conclusion’ – Marie Claire

‘Vena Cork’s perceptions of human nature are spot-on and the suspense is tangible when the small malevolent acts turn into something much more evil and sinister. This is a great start to what is sure to be a string of successful books’ Aberdeen Press & Journal

‘A tense pace combined with a tightly woven narrative makes this a surprisingly compelling debut from novelist Vena Cork’- Buzz

‘This gripping, edgy novel is good, believe me. For a first novel, it is rather better than good. The portrayal of life is awfully well handled and shrewdly characterised…she hooks her reader from the start. Well done, Vena!’ Colin Dexter

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