The Art of Dying

art-2‘Vena Cork skilfully builds a sinister feeling of menace surrounding her attractive heroine’ – Sunday Telegraph

In London, Rosa Thorn is slowly getting her life back together.

Following the tragic death of her artist husband, Rob, in a hit and run accident, and the subsequent terrorising of her family, she is at last moving on.

So it is particularly poignant for Rosa to attend a retrospective of her late husband’s paintings, held at a cutting-edge London gallery.

The great and the good of the London art world are there, along with Rosa’s close friends and associates.
It appears to be a warm and fitting tribute to a much-admired artist, husband and father.

Yet all is not as it seems at this high art, high class event.

For beneath the sophisticated artistic veneer, a maelstrom of emotion is seething. Some of it even spills over at the show, but most of it remains hidden – for now.

Ultimately, however, years of hidden feelings will have their expression – with fatal consequences.

Meanwhile, Rosa begins to find that all is not well in her world. Somebody is following her, cracks are beginning to appear in long-term friendships and her new friends – well, they seem to have secrets all of their own.

And some of those secrets are deadly.

As her children move on with their lives, Rosa is left alone to unravel the mysteries that connect a dead artist, a fascinating but enigmatic aspiring journalist, a globe-trotting millionaire and a host of movers and shakers in London’s art world.

Blending wit and excitement in a compelling story, The Art of Dying takes Rosa from her cosy London home into the jaws of a grisly, hideous danger that seems set to destroy her. Will she be able to save herself – and her dearest friends – from evil, or will she finally meet her end?

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